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Tempted to write some sort of “book” about our trip around New Zealand, just for our families and friends (or whoever else cares) to read.
It’d be a really weird mix of travel guide, adventure story and stupidity.
But, I think the girlfriend would be like “wow that’s so stupid” and then just not help with it.

Guys, convince the girlfriend to write a book thingy with me, it’ll be super awesome and funny and a great reminder of our trip and yeah.




An escaped sheep was found with 60 pounds of wool.

Shrek the sheep ran away and hid in a cave in New Zealand for 6 years. When Shrek was finally found in 2004, the sheep had gone unsheared for so long that it had accumulated 60 pounds of wool on its body, enough to make 20 suits! The sheep became famous and even got to meet the Prime Minister. Shrek finally passed away last month at the age of 16.

Its name was Shrek.

too many layers


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Ever notice how when justifying a child’s misbehavior no one ever says stuff like “girls will be girls” or “she’s a girl”, but the list of things a “young lady” can’t do is almost endless?

You learn from a young age that masculinity comes with freedom; femininity comes with restrictions.


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Anonymous Asked: Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people's asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it is nice to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out. Help spread Anon love, not hate. :)

Aw, that’s cute, thank you! :)

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